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N ACH NA(H)CH Wysteria's Faith Trust & Pixie Dust

Bichon Havanais
Willowbrook's w/Nicole Rodriguez
Mer informasjon
Patella 0/0. Heart normal. Titles: N ACH N A(H)CH AGHI AGI RLI AGHII AGII AGIII AGHIII.
Foreldre Besteforeldre Oldeforeldre Tippoldeforeldre
  • Twins Justamere's Its All In The Playing
  • AKCTS17719402
  • 28.05.2013
  • Bichon Havanais
US CH Twins Peteta Colatta
  • AKCTS05163305
  • Bichon Havanais
Twins Son Of Maggie
US CH Twins Reese Drifter
Twins Khalua Havana
Twins Annie Lee
US CH Twins Son Of Freedom
Twins Just Like James
US CH Twins Miss Molly
  • AKCTS04975406
  • Bichon Havanais
Twins Coco Lattes Nick
Twins Son Of Nickolas
Twins Coco Latte
Twins Sirrus Dallas
CAN CH Los Companero's Asar Un Nefer
Twins Porsche Fully Equiped
  • Willowbrook's Enchanted Lilly
  • AKCTS03455404
  • 01.04.2011
  • Bichon Havanais
Willowbrook's Diamond in the Ruff
  • AKCTR95153003
  • 01.06.2011
  • Bichon Havanais
US CH Emerald East What Can Brown Do For You
Alderons Midnight Raider
Emerald East Get A Taste Of Me
Daisey Ii
Flaming Geysers Trickor Treat
Flaming Geysers Dynamite
Flaming Gaysers Tiger Lilly
  • AKCTR64516806
  • 17.05.2007
  • Bichon Havanais
Aldron's See Me Score
US CH Los Perritos Make It Happen
Alderons Shante
Emerald East Naughty But Nice
US CH Forsgate's Pandemonium Of LP
Noblegold Queen Cleopatra